Helping to keep you organized and on top of your eating habits.

Make meal prep glamourous with a beautiful PDF that you'll be proud to keep out on the counter.

What's Included:

- 5-day meal plan

- Carbohydrate, fat, and protein ranges within Canadian recommendations

- Comprehensive grocery list to make shopping easy

- Average of 1,600 calories per day

- Over 10 recipes per plan

- Look for greyed out recipes to indicate food already prepped and waiting for you

- Ingredients are repeated across different recipes to decrease cost and waste

- Designed to leave you with frozen leftovers for support when you're in a pinch

- Designed to feed one person, but flexible to feed more by increasing servings or decrease leftovers


If you love staying organized and on top of your eating habits, then this for you.  These beautiful 5-day meal plans are designed to get you through the work week and closer to your goals. 

Each plan has been carefully created to contain recipes with similar ingredients in order to decrease cost and complexity.  At a glance you can see what you will be eating and when.  Look for the greyed out images to figure out which meals are already waiting for you in your fridge or freezer!

Save time (and stress) by using the included grocery list.  Print off the list, check off the items you already have, then head to the grocery store for the rest.

Just like that you are ready to start cooking for the week ahead.


5-Day Meal Plan Overview

Know what you are eating and when.  Look for greyed out recipes to indicate food you've already made that is ready for you to grab'n'go.

Beautiful Recipe Cards

Clear, simple and beautiful recipe cards providing direction and helpful notes.

Look at the top right corner for servings and time required.

Grocery List

Save yourself time and money by using the comprehensive grocery list.  In an instant determine which groceries you require, and how much.

Each meal plan has been designed to feed 1 person, however there are usually leftovers.  This way, you can invite a family member or friend to join.

As always, please consider checking in with a medical professional before making changes to your lifestyle or diet. 

These meal plans have been created for the average healthy adult individual and provide roughly 1,600 calories per day.  To increase or decrease calories, please increase or decrease serving size.

That being said,  we are all unique.  These plans should be used as a guideline to fit into your lifestyle.  Please be sure to tweak each plan where you see necessary.

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Available in Standard (Chicken), Vegan, and Vegetarian (Lacto-Ovo).


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